Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Web 2.0... It's coming!!

When using Flickr, they have a "tag cloud" on the front page. A tag cloud is a link to sites. People put words that may resemble what they are talking about, which are called tags. The most popular tags are shown inside the tag cloud, and the size of the words font means that there are more people having blogs/sites that have the tag of that word. Tags are nice for people who are just browsing around and looking for something that is about a specific topic. They just have to click on that word, and then they can browse through the different sites to see what had been written.

The following are some cool pictures that I came across on Flickr. A light symbol, Tree man, Dark side dog, Pretty Flower, and Nice Horizon.

The site Flickr has some mashups that are pretty intriguing. The following site has a bunch of colors that can be selected and each color has about 6+ pictures that you can select from, which send you over to the sites that they originate from. This type of feature is quite neat to have because it not only lets you have fun selecting different colors, but the colors that you select are actually the color of the image, and it lets you check out pictures quick, especially if your just browsing and have no idea what your really looking for.

Another cool site on Flickr is the following, here you can type in any word that comes to your mind in the box, and the site will generate blocks of letters in that word with different designs. The following is an example of what this site results in.

L O V is For ? E

This other site on flickr, is quite neat as well. It uses the map from Google maps, and it non-stop updates where and when a new picture has been uploaded, and which country it is in. This is a cool idea, because it is not just showing you the photos, but it is giving you an idea on how many people actually use this site, and the range of people across the world as well.

This website has developed a game involving pictures on flickr. It displays a bunch of pictures and you have to guess the common word that illustrates what they are showing. It is very intriguing and can get addicting depending on what your doing. I think it is a neat feature that has been developed. The use of this also lets people's pictures get shown to a variety of people quicker then maybe before and can have people link to your site to see your other photos that you have as well.

This individuals' creativity is astounding , she has incorporated the use of pictures into a old fashion sudoku game. So instead of using numbers, your using pictures from peoples sites. If you want to change what type of pictures you want for the game, you can just search and a list will come up. This is probably the best out of the sites I visited because I am a huge fan of Sudoku, and it was one of those things that I get addicted to and ended up playing a few games of it.

Overall mashups are a pretty neat idea here, some of them are very brilliant and interactive, and that is what draws people to these programs.

The following are a few examples of what you can do with online generators for web 2.0. These are all examples that were made from the following site, which is located here. Personally, online generator blogs are a neat concept to have fun and experiment with, they contain neat features and are a good way to make nice designs in a simple way. The generators that I prefered are the ones from below, this was because it did not involve having to sign up for complete access to the program. I get annoyed when companies want you to sign up with them all the time, because I hate having to give out information just so I can use a simple little program for fun. Especially when I have no idea what company or organization is controlling the program, and what their policies are. Making a throw-away email address is still a hassle to sign up for, so I rather just be able to use something without any complications. Overall, the use of the online generators are easy, because they just require you to input a picture, or word for most cases to generate the outcome. For instance with the rippling effect of the Spider-man picture, I just needed to upload a picture and the program did the rest. These are neat features to use, but most cases they seem worthless. Although a lot of the options can be worth while to use, like from this site where you can create puzzles, and calendars of pictures. So if you wanted to make a puzzle to do on your spare time, you can. If you wanted to make a calendar for people, you can. There are many options to do, and because of the nice variety, it allows everyone to maybe find something that they will like. I probably wont do this again, because it was something that was new and cool to see, but it did not really catch any interest from me.

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